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Personal Care Aide


Renders nursing care to residents under the direction of the Director of Personal Care (DPC). Provides supervision and assistance in such a way that our residents feel they are genuinely cared for. Observes and reports any changes in resident status to the appropriate charge person. Our goal is to provide the best service possible; therefore, honoring resident requests is our specialty.

The person holding this position is responsible for carrying out all assigned duties and responsibilities in accordance with current federal, state and local regulations, as well as company policies and procedures.

REPORTS TO: Director of Personal Care


1. Resident Care

➢ Provides care, supervision and assistance to residents in accordance with state regulations and company policies and procedures.

➢ Receives and gives shift report for assigned residents to charge person.

➢ Responsible for changing linens, collecting soiled linens and distributing clean linens as required.

➢  Responsible for assisting the residents in maintaining their room, bathroom and personal belongings in a clean and orderly manner.

➢ Provides direction and assistance with personal care functions including:

• Grooming, haircare, shaving and ordinary care of nails, teeth and mouth.

• Dressing.

• Bathing.

• Toileting.

• Walking and transfers.

• Eating.

• Taking and recording weights as directed.

➢ Monitors resident attendance and intake at meals, as required. Assists in the dining room(s) at mealtimes.

➢ Encourages and assists residents to participate in scheduled and individual Recreation activities.

➢ Reports to charge person or DPC any accident or incident involving a resident or resident(s).

➢ Responsible to protect resident safety by reporting any identified hazard that may cause resident harm.

➢ Monitors whereabouts of residents with all safety alarms. Responds immediately to the alarming of any safety alarms.

➢ Maintains each individual resident’s privacy and treats all resident information confidentially.

➢ Demonstrates sensitivity and professionalism in dealing with residents, residents’ families and other visitors.

2. Other Assigned Duties

➢ Assists with the admission, transfer and discharge of residents under the direction of the charge person.

➢ Required to report any suspected resident abuse to charge person or DPC immediately.

➢ Attends and completes all required in-service programs.

➢ Assists in the inventory and stocking of supplies as requested.

➢ Assists in filing, photocopying, faxing and other secretarial tasks as requested and assigned.

➢ Assists with Recreation activities as requested or assigned.

➢ Required to report to the charge person of their assigned unit at the beginning of each shift, when taking assigned breaks and lunch, and at the end of the shift.

➢ Keeps a well-organized, neat and clean work area.

➢ May perform other duties as assigned.


➢ Efficiency. Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort.

Integrity. Honest and has strong moral principles.

➢ Organization and Planning. Plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets time in an efficient, productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.

Follow-through on commitments. Lives up to verbal and written agreements.

Intelligence. Learns quickly. Demonstrates ability to quickly and proficiently understand and absorb new information.

Attention to Detail. Does not let important details slip through the cracks or derail an assignment.

Persistence. Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.

Proactivity. Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company.

Work ethic. Possesses a strong willingness to work hard to get the job done. Has a track record of working hard.

High standards. Expects personal performance and team performance to be nothing short of the best.

Listening skills. Let’s others speak and seeks to understand their viewpoints.

Communication. Speaks and writes clearly and articulately.

Teamwork. Reaches out to peers and cooperates with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship.

Calm under pressure. Maintains stable performance when under heavy pressure or stress.


➢ This job operates in a professional healthcare environment.

➢ The incumbent must be able to work in a fast paced, hard charging environment with multiple tasks simultaneously.

Physical Demands:

➢ Good physical and mental health, producing upon hire, and as required, a satisfactory examination from a physician or equivalent indicating that the individual is free from any health impairment which is of potential risk to residents or which might interfere with the performance of the individuals duties.

➢ Occasional twisting, bending, squatting, kneeling, and crouching.

➢ Ability to sit, stand and walk during all shifts.

➢ May need to lift and carry up to twenty-five (25) lbs.

➢ Produce a PPD (Mantoux) skin test or blood test for tuberculosis as required.

➢ Produce immunization records as required.

Education and Experience:

➢ High School diploma or GED equivalent.

➢ Ability and willingness to provide exceptional customer service.

➢ Possesses a caring, customer-focused attitude.

➢ Prior experience working with a geriatric population.

➢ Maintain certification as required.

To apply for this job please visit share.hsforms.com.